The Research

Evidence showing the healing relationship between Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy & Stroke Recovery

Many rehabilitation programmes for stroke suffers focus on the functional side of the body that has been effected. However a stroke is a neurological condition that also effects the brain and the cerebral tissue which is addressed in our treatment provided.

Both Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Pulse Electro Magnetic Field Therapy have shown extremely positive results when it comes to stroke recovery.

Tokoroa Couple Make Major Progress In Stroke Recovery

“On the fourth treatment I looked down to see that my paralyzed hand had completely opened and I could move it. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing and I started waving to my husband through the window of the chamber. I had worked for four years with dedicated physiotherapists to open and move that hand and had never achieved the slightest improvement so imagine my astonishment when it happened so quickly with the application of oxygen. It seemed like a miracle!”

By the end of the first week, Robin had begun to get greater sensation in her left leg which no longer felt completely ‘dead’. She started to
come into the clinic without her wheelchair and was moving much
more rapidly. Her mood lifted and there were noticeable changes in
the quality of her skin tone and circulation to her lower legs.”

Hyperbaric Oxygen for Treatment of Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injuries

“Fifty stable, chronic stroke and traumatic brain injured (TBI) patients (mean age 62, mean duration post stroke 29 months) were treated with a combination of hyperbaric oxygen, physical therapy and EEG biofeedback for two months. Surveys given to patients or their family members showed that 96.7% of the patients improved one or more of their lost or diminished functions. Pre- and post-treatment physical therapy evaluations indicated that 100% of the patients experienced improvements in one or more functions. These results indicate that hyperbaric oxygen therapy in combination with other modalities is a safe and effective treatment for stroke or TBI related disabilities.”

Hyperbaric Oxygen Induces Late Neuroplasticity in Post Stroke Patients – Randomized, Prospective Trial

“A prospective, randomized, controlled trial including 74 patients (15 were excluded). All participants suffered a stroke 6–36 months prior to inclusion and had at least one motor dysfunction. Patients in the treated group were evaluated twice: at baseline and after 40 HBOT sessions. . HBOT protocol: Two months of 40 sessions (5 days/week), 90 minutes each, 100% oxygen at 2 ATA. We found that the neurological functions and life quality of all patients were significantly improved following the HBOT sessions. Results of SPECT imaging were well correlated with clinical improvement.

The results indicate that HBOT can lead to significant neurological improvements in post stroke patients even at chronic late stages.”


“The PEMF group had double the amount of BDNF and 2.5 times more gene expression. VEGF is involved in the improvement of damaged cells by increasing circulation and restoring function. VEGF levels increased by 50%. Stroke scale severity and function measures were about 65% and 50% worse, respectively, in the non-PEMF group. The PEMF group also had about 35% better cognitive functioning and 45% better depression scores.

This study is important in showing that significantly better clinical improvements in stroke rehabilitation and recovery are supported by physical changes in plasticity measures, with the use of relatively low intensity, short course treatments of PEMF.”