Cancer & HBOT + PEMF

Bryn Currie (Clinical Medical Physics Specialist)

“Being a cancer treatment specialist and leading a healthy lifestyle didn’t prevent me from falling prey to head and neck cancer. The treatment regime at the hospital was very demanding with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy spread over 3 months.

My family and I looked for options to enhance the recovery process as my skin, hearing, mouth, and throat were all damaged. We are so glad that Bex and Callum at Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Christchurch were able to provide a hyperbaric oxygen treatment service.

All of the hospital specialists involved in my care were surprised and impressed with the rapidity of recovery I experienced. In my professional estimation Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was a crucial element of my recovery and I’d recommend this service as part of a holistic package for anyone seeking better healing and health.”

I have been a client of Bex’s for the last four months & have been using HBOT & PEMF for my cancer tumors & it has been absolutely amazing! I have had great health benefits, including my tumors shrinking and my overall health improving.

Bex’s caring disposition has certainly helped me feel a sense of hope, by her listening to me and encouraging me. When you are unwell, having someone who offers you a positive outlook and hope, is vital to your wellbeing.

I felt completely confident talking to Bex about my health, in fact in discussing my health concerns with Bex she was able to help me with evidence based support services that were of benefit to me.

I thoroughly recommend you ring Bex and chat to her about she can help support your wellbeing now!”

Jane, Christchurch, New Zealand

Stroke – HBOT & PEMF

“On the fourth treatment I looked down to see that my paralyzed hand had completely opened and I could move it. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing and I started waving to my husband through the window of the chamber. I had worked for four years with dedicated physiotherapists to open and move that hand and had never achieved the slightest improvement so imagine my astonishment when it happened so quickly with the application of oxygen. It seemed like a miracle!”

By the end of the first week, Robin had begun to get greater sensation in her left leg which no longer felt completely ‘dead’. She started to
come into the clinic without her wheelchair and was moving much
more rapidly. Her mood lifted and there were noticeable changes in
the quality of her skin tone and circulation to her lower legs.”

Robin – Tokoroa, New Zealand

HBOT & PEMF For Autism

“Our son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3 years old. Since then, my husband and I became passionate in finding alternative treatments on how we can even help him more improve his condition.

It was when I was watching a vlog I first came across the wonders of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to kids with ASD. After much prayer and research, we agreed to give it a try, and then we met this lovely lady named Bex Whitehouse, the founder of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Christchurch.

During our first week of treatment, I noticed a huge changed in our son. He became much attentive and focused in his early intervention classes. Noticeable improvement in his fine motor skills. Stimming (i.e.. groaning like sounds, looking closely at items, jumping, etc. ) was less.

What a difference it had made! I have also observed positive changes in my health since I go in with him. We are very fortunate and grateful to know Bex, she is very welcoming and professional and her service is highly commendable.”

Sherly & Nate, Christchurch, New Zealand

Fatigue & Inflammation HBOT & PEMF

“When I first heard about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy I was skeptical, but not anymore, I’ve just completed my fourth session of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and I am over the moon with my results.

I have had chronic fatigue and high inflammation, I look extremely puffy in my face. But now for the first time in 12 years I am able to see my cheek bones again. I will definitely be coming back!”

– Petra, Christchurch, New Zealand