About us

Why choose HBOT Christchurch?

Our team are passionate about providing the best treatment, service and care. We are the experts in hyperbaric oxygen therapy and use a holistic approach to help support our clients heal.

Personalised treatment

Our team will support you with your overall health so that you can maximize results and healing.

Hard-shell chambers

In our wellness center we have three top of the line hard-shell Hyperbaric Chambers that all pressurize to 1.5 ata to give you the best results.

Central location

Our wellness center is located at

168 Hazeldean Road,


We’re here to help.

Whether you are looking to improve your health, recovery time or wellbeing, our team can help you on your hyperbaric oxygen therapy journey.

Here’s what your first session at our clinic will look like:


Personalised Assessment

We begin with a comprehensive understanding of your history and goals. This holistic approach, encompassing habits and nutrition, ensure a tailor-made hyperbaric journey.


PEMF Therapy

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy can improve blood flow and circulation, which can help optimize oxygen delivery to tissues. This improved circulation can prepare the body for the higher oxygen levels experienced in the HBOT chamber.

The PEMF session takes 8-16 minutes.


Light Therapy

Light therapy can boost energy levels and combat feelings of fatigue, which can help you feel more energized and alert before entering the HBOT chamber.

Your Light Therapy session will take place during the PEMF process.


Chamber debrief

Our team will show you how your chamber works and identify the emergency release valves.

You will be equipped with a nasal cannula, walkie-talkie, pillow, and blanket (it can get cold in the chamber).


HBOT Session

Your entire treatment session (PEMF, Light Therapy and HBOT) will be approximately 90 minutes long. We encourage you to bring a book.

You can have your electronic devices in the chamber with you.



After you have completed your HBOT session, we will provide you with a tea from our Pukka selection (or a glass of alkalized water).

It is important to rest for a short period after their session to allow your body to adjust.


Anne D.


HBOT and PEMF have been used to treat:


Mitch B.

Chronic fatigue.


Invest in your wellbeing.

Each 90 minute session includes:

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in our hard-shell chambers.
  • Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy.
  • Light Therapy.
  • Complimentary organic tea.

First session – start here.

Personalised assessment,
Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy session,
Light Therapy session,
Chamber debrief,
Hard Shell Chamber Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy session,
Complementary organic tea.


After your first session, you can choose from the following membership options.
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Wellbeing Plan

Perfect for those using hyperbaric oxygen for general wellbeing.

1x session per week.
4 week commitment.


per week

Recovery Plan

Ideal for those with acute illness or injury.

3x sessions per week.
4 week commitment.


per week

Healing Plan

Suited to those with chronic illness or rehabilitation

5x sessions per week.
4 week commitment.


per week

Block of 10 x sessions

1 year expiry.


one off payment.

Block of 20 x sessions

1 year expiry.


one off payment.

Block of 40 x sessions

1 year expiry.


one off payment.

Block of 100 x sessions

1 year expiry.


one off payment.

Ready to start your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy journey?