HBOT and Alzheimer’s

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & Pulse Electro Magnetic Field Therapy Increase’s All Markers Of The Brain

“The study provides evidence that HBOT & PEMF can improve the functioning of the brain in Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline Patients. 25 sessions were completed and all markers in the pre and post test showed significant improvements when the brain activity was measured on the brain gauge test. The areas that were measured were summarized as accuracy, time perception, focus, fatigue, speed and time perception.”

Could An Existing Oxygen Therapy Treat Alzheimer’s?

“In a hyperbaric oxygen chamber that they custom-built for the small animals, the researchers gave the transgenic mice 1 hour of HBOT every day for 14 days. They also gave another group of normal mice (the controls) the same treatment.

It revealed that HBOT reduced oxygen starvation, “amyloid burden,” and the type of tau protein seen in Alzheimer’s. There was also evidence of improvement in behavioral symptoms. The researchers’ analysis showed various biological and biochemical signs that HBOT had reduced inflammation in the brain.

The results showed that, compared with the control mice, HBOT reduced both disease related plaques and brain inflammation by 40 percent, and it also reduced “behavioral deficits” in the transgenic mice. The team suggests that the findings show that HBOT shows promise as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, especially given that it “is used in the clinic to treat various indications, including neurological conditions.”

New Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Protocol Can Improve Cognitive Function of Older Adults

“The main areas of improvement were attention, information processing speed, and executive function, in addition to the global cognitive function, all of which typically decline with age. Moreover, there was a significant correlation between the cognitive changes and improved cerebral blood flow in specific brain locations.

We found that HBOT induced a significant increase in brain blood flow, which correlated with cognitive improvement, confirming our theory. One can conjecture that similar beneficial effect of HBOT can be induced in other organs of the aging body.”

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