HBOT and Autism

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment For Children With Autism

“Children with autism who received hyperbaric treatment at 1.3 atmospheres and 24% oxygen for 40 hourly sessions had significant improvements in overall functioning, receptive language, social interaction, eye contact, and sensory/cognitive awareness compared to children who received slightly pressurized room air.”

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

“The following manuscript irrefutably demonstrates from collective
observations of over 250,000 treatment hours by my colleagues and me that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a valuable treatment option for children with autism.”

“In my practice, approximately 80% of children respond to HBOT to some degree”

“Essentially, any of the common symptoms in autism have the potential to be aided by HBOT. However, certain benefits seem to be more common than others or more intense when present. Some of the notable “top 20” include language, awareness, independence, self-confidence, “presence” (putting action to their new found awareness), self-motivation, and improved bowel function.”

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